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Some of Today's Heating Oil Prices

Eastern Petroleum is bringing our great pricing to the internet!

Eastern Petroleum has built an easy to use ordering system offering you the best heating oil prices. Place your order for home heating oil conveniently 24/7 365! And you can be sure Eastern Petroleum will get your delivery to your home promptly and securely. Our drivers are skilled professionals who will make sure your home heating oil is there when you need it most.


(508) 339-3416

Have used them for years and always get the best price I can find! They have never let me down and the drivers are so nice!

Sue S.

Love them....Always been 100% pleasant with me since I have used them not to mention the lowest prices I can find....

Brian L

...have been 100% reliable in the three years I have used them. Also, appreciate that I can pay with a credit card, and that they have a fully staffed phone number-not an answering service.

Robert S

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