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Is your website secure?

Yes. All credit card transactions are done through Authorize.Net one of the industry leaders in credit card security!

Why was my credit card charged before the delivery was made?

When an order is placed the charge is put through on your card. When an order is placed for a fill we charge an amount large enough to cover the gallons you may take. Once the delivery has been made and we know the exact amount a refund is done to your card should you not take the full amount. This is the quickest way to secure payment and not tie up unnecessary funds for a pre authorization (some banks could take several days to remove a pre authorization!)

When will you schedule my delivery?

When you place your order our delivery day options will be clearly labeled during the ordering process. Your delivery time frame will be quoted on your order receipt, depending on the volume of deliveries in your area and any type of weather conditions that might affect safe travel. Ideally we run at 2 Business days however that can and does change when delivery volume is high. Our driving hours are restricted by Federal DOT regulations which will determine how any deliveries we can safely make during a workday.

The following example is for a standard 2 business day delivery:

Order day (this is the day we process your delivery)

1st business day (this is the business day following your order day)

2nd business day (this is the 2 business day following your order).

We DO NOT count weekend days or Holidays when calculation your delivery due date.

Who will be delivering my oil?

We will! We deliver all the fuel ourselves with our own employees and our own fleet of oil trucks.

Do I have to be home at the time of delivery?

No. As long as we have access to the fill there is no need for you to be home. We do maintain a "no whistle; no fill" policy. This means as long as your vent alarm is working properly we can deliver your oil.

Is there any reason you won't deliver to me?

We want to have as many happy customers as possible and we appreciate each and every delivery that we get! However, there are a few reasons that may prevent you from getting a delivery: If your equipment isn't up to code or is in such a condition that would make delivery unsafe; If your equipment isn't functioning properly (i.e. the vent alarm doesn't work); If there isn't safe or adequate access to the fill location your delivery could be delayed until the conditions are rectified.

After I ordered my oil the price went down. Can I get the lower price?

Your price is set when you submit your order. We don’t increase your price when the cost of oil goes up after your order and we cannot go down either.

Why is my price higher than the lowest price quoted on your home page?

We deliver to a very large area throughout Massachusetts. Prices can vary from one area to another based on several factors. You can be sure that you're getting the best price we can offer in your particular area each and every time you order.

How do you price automatic deliveries?

Automatic deliveries are priced when your ticket is put into a route. Once your ticket is routed the oil is purchased and the price is set. Your price is locked in and will be delivered at that price regardless of market movement. If there is a price change for future deliveries it will not affect your price for that delivery, as it is locked in prior to any price change. There is no $40 fee for receiving under 150 gallons as it is our responsibility to deliver in a timely fashion. (some deliveries may be under the 150 is we are in your area or on your street making other deliveries). Our target delivery is between 150-180 gallons.