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Eastern Petroleum was created as a way for our parent company United Oil Heat Inc to compete with some of the smaller discount companies that were always trying to start up in the local area. Many years ago, it was our belief, that customers wanted "Full Service" companies; that is to say companies that had service department and offered service contracts just like United Oil Heat Inc. This belief began to change somewhere around the late 90's when we noticed a shift in consumer sentiment. While answering the phones customers started to ask "what's your price?" and not what are you offering. Most likely this shift was caused by the skyrocketing oil prices at the time. Prices got so expensive that the consumer had no choice but to shop around.

The typical "full service" fuel dealer offers service contracts and ties the price of oil to the services they give away. The old saying that "Nothing is free" really comes into the conversation; the dealer has to increase their oil prices to cover the cost of "free" services they offer. Some of these dealers can be as much as $1 per gallon MORE than Eastern Petroleum at any given time! (yeah $1 per gallon! I know its crazy)

Eastern Petroleum was designed to have low overhead and pass those saving on to the customer. We have found that the average customer saves more than enough on the oil to pay for their burner service should they have an issue! and if they don't have an issue...they pocket the savings!


We strive to give our customers the best price we can on home heating oil. We challenge ourselves to be as competitive as possible while still putting ourselves in position to run a fiscally sound company that will be able to put quality trucks with professional drivers on the road for years to come.